Tuesday, January 20, 2009


really, i know i have taken a very very very long break from blogging. Lord knows i tried coming back to the blogging world, but found my self super busy to blog. i found my self thinking how was i sane through all of crazy school cause i know im going insane at work...

OMG... over powering crazy woman going through menopause who ISNT MY BOSS has somehow managed to claim her self to be one. i mean everything i do is scrutinized... HMM HELLO!!! i have a license to practice, i passed the same test.. NO WAIT, a harder test and you have a bachelors in physical therapy.. i on the other hand have a DOCTERATE degree.. doesnt that count for something? do ya mind backing the FUCK OFF!!!...

WELL THIS IS WHAT I WANNA SAY.. and what i end up saying is .. "yea but, no thats not what i wanted to do, but.. yea.. thanks for your advice, i'll keep that in mind."

she's soo intimidating, horrible, rude, interupts everyone, always thinks she's right, she has a desk and NONE of the other therapists have a desk??
WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY may i ask? cause she's a prude bitch. steals things from people and acts like she didnt, thinks she's better than everyone, that her daughters are the prettiest.. EVERYTHING IS A COMPETITION. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

since when am i not confrontational??? since when do i take crap??? aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

never!!!!!!!!!may be im scared of loosing my job. i mean im finally making money, money to pay off my loans, may be i dont wanna compromise that. may be i dont want issues at work.. i don't know but i sure do know im NOT someone to take the back seat.

EVERYDAY after lunch i have to go into the rest room and just punch the stupid paper dispenser, and or scream...

may be im just TESTING OUT the proverv, Patience is a VIRTUE!!! or i just need to grow some man balls and just tell her go f'off ure old cranky you bitter old witch... go get some cause you sure as hell need to get that cork stuck up ure ass..

ok perhaps tone it down a notch, may be a few notches, but you get it!!

ok i just wanted to vent!! few, perhaps i now remember how i got through school -- venting on the blog!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


okie.. so i know i'm sorry i havent quite made a "good come back" and all.. but hey, a little at a time right? so my boyfriend got me a cute little kitty.... as a "i love you present". now lemme preface this, i DO NOT LIKE CATS. although, who doesnt love little things?
tiny little bunnies?
who doesn't??? he likes cats, he already owns a cat. MEET TUXIE... well his full name is Professor Tux Four Paws
he's the king of the house. he's a very very tempermental cat, always wants to be pet first, fed first. he's a cute little fur ball... fat fur ball. hehehe. but he's mostly my boyfriends cat, cause again, im not a CAT person. Dont get me wrong, i love him. i wasnt' very excited at first to hear that my boyfriend got a cat, about 2 years ago. I used to very scared, cause he'd just jump on me, just weird getting used animal around the house. I never had pets growing up, so again, WEIRD. BUT I LOVE THE LITTLE BUGGER...

now... *** DRUMROLLL** meet belle..........Belle Sox Four Paws: I wanted to call her "belle" cause she's soooo purtttyy, just like my favorite disney princess, "belle" from beauty and the beast. He wanted to call it "sox" after his favorite baseball team .. *mennnn*.
here she is when we first got her, 8 weeks and 3 days old:
here's my cutie, on monday when i went to visit him, i found her with a bloody cheek, bloody hind paw and bloody ear. she had scratched her self silly and we took her to the Animal hospital ER and got her looked at. here's what she came back with.
a little cone. hehehehehe she's sooo cute.

here's her trying to figure how to jump and not have her cone land first. LOL... everytime she jumped off here, she would go head first and her cone would hit first and it was sad for her, but hilarious to watch. she's too cute, everytime she messed up, she'd run to me, and crawl between my legs or behind my back. In the last picture she's 12 weeks old. my they grow fast .. hehehe.. oh ps: im allergic to cats and kittens. hehehee i load up on my claritin when i go visit my kitten.

ok.. so i promised my self i wouldnt become one of those crazy pet owners who carry pictures of their pets in the wallets and refer to them as their kids. I SWEAR my patients do that. LIKE one of the patient's i just had on monday..

me: do you live alone or with someone at home

patient: "yea.. i live with my 3 kids.. "

me: how old are they, are they at home enough to help you

patient: "oh.. my dogs cant dial the phone for 911 if thats what you mean"

ME: so you have 3 dogs? or 3 kids, just for clarification.

patient: 3 dogs, they ARE my kids you know...


me: so you live alone with 3 dogs

patient: isnt that what i just said

me: yes mam... *patient satifaction... fuck the satisfaction.. where's SANITY?*

anyways, off i go to sleep.. to start a new day of work and return to my pleasantly confused patients.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

aditi update... and new dehli experience

ok first comes first.. i know all of you have been dying to know about aditi and my dear JIJAJI.. WELL the wedding was in chandigradh, (love the city by the way, the cleanest city in india, by far, and SUPER ORGANIZED.) chandigardh, was actually desgined by some french guy in sectors. just like here, like each suburb is self sufficient with doctors, stores, grocery stores.. ure basic needs stuff. just like that each sector is self sufficient, so that traffic never builds up, and you really dont need to cross sectors on a daily basis. smart eh??? leave it to the french to invent this and "french kissing"...lol perhaps some french guys got together with some indian guy and there born was KAMA SUTRA.. *TAN TAN TAN*

ok ok big deviation. so the wedding was in chandigardh, very nicely done. LOVED IT, love the punjabi's and their partying styles. then they had a reception in chandigardh and then another reception in bombay. i was in india for 5 days --- NEVER TRAVEL ACROSS COUNTRY FOR 5 DAYS. But i had to do it for my dear loving sister. i love my new jijaji, and they make a wonderful pair. SOOOOOOOOOOOO since the wedding was in chandigardh, we (just the immediate family) flew bombay to chandigardh but on the way back we took the train with EVERYONE ELSE. It was a great experience, but we had to take a bus from chandigardh to dehli train station, and took a train from dehli to bombay. HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM THE dehli train station is the DIRTIEST THING i have ever seen. i mean bombay is dirty, but that was a whole ANOTHER LEVEL OF DIRTY. i mean it DURRRTTTYYYY.

we SAW RATS... not ure usual size of rats, we saw HUMONGOUS RATS which werent scared of anything. we saw monkeys, crazy ass monkeys. cause i thought ooooo i'll take pictures of monkey's and show my white friends about wild monkeys, so i take a picture --- I just got the back, and it turned around, so i tried taking another, by the time the flash was over. THIS WAS THE PICTURE.

angry littl monkey eh? look at those teeth?????? u see them!!! u see them dont you?? scary little monster. focus on the eyes, they're red, not a picture taking flaw my friends, it was THAT PISSED OFF AT ME. hmmmmmmm it chased me around for 10 minutes. i was literally the women in distress and NO HERO to rescue me. 10 other monkeys joined, and i really was super scared. oh boy. we were at the dehli station for 5 hours, and i was terrified i was sitting on a bag, because if it wasnt the monkeys, it was the rats. super scary.

so trinnie be aware of monkeys and rats at the dehli train station.
Although, it was a great experience to visit the lal kila (red fort) and OUR HISTORIC BUILDINGS. That, i am happy about, not the train station.

Monday, August 25, 2008

grand return OR NOTTTTTTTTTT

so .. i've actually been thinking of returning to the blog world for a while, trust me i HAD ALOT TO VENT about in the past months that i have taken off...

like my crazy clinical before graduating and the crazy ass psycho nerd that was with me for 10 weeks during that clinical, always trying to show me up.
like stress of finish my paper and then being told by my teacher how it was really never good enough..
or how i went to india for 5 days for my sister's wedding, which by the way was a blast.
like how i got super sick on her reception day in bombay, oy that was crazy -- me throwing up outside the apartment.. NOT GOOD
or like the crazy accident i had where i TOTALED MY CAR... yes, thats right, a tire flew one direction, the rims the other, one headlight here.. the other there, no windows intact, radiator blown, whole driver side was crushed.. etc etc... surprisingly I WAS ALIVE.. and stupid drivers on the road.. i hate annoying men trying to show off, cause thats how i crashed my car. asshole, didnt even stop
or like i went for an interview 3 hours after that accident and got the job =)
like how i work 10 hour days and work 6 days a week on regular week and may be 7 sometimes
or how i got back with my ex and i was wrong, once a cheater, always a cheater is not always right ==> there's always a story behind an action, life is not always white and black... THERE ARE GRAYS there. i looked at the black for 1 year, gray for 6 months, analyzed it and decided that it actually was more white than black.. we've been re-dating for almost a year now, and well its been wonderful.
yea, it was rocky at first cause i was paranoid, but he worked soo hard to earn my trust and has kept it. trust me i tried, since i did trust him at first, i hacked into emails and work accounts, phone records and bills... so i knew what he was up to and would always compare it from what he told me, this time, it was all the same...
or how i FINALLY GRADUATED after 7 years and now im a doctor .. ok ok doctor of physical therapy, but im a doctor ;)
or how my sister got me a silver cross pen, with my name engraved on it, that says DR. PAULOMEE SHAH, yes bitches ;)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im hereeeeeeee
or how my a good friend got married and i didnt even get a real invitation, haha people change so quickly sometimes, i mean 5 years of friendship, and dear lord, couldnt afford to print up a fucking invitation, use a pen in the house to write my address and PUT A STAMP ON IT? honestly? grrr but whatever, it still gets on my nerves to this day.

so HOW DID I STAY SANE? my lovely boyfriend is just soo wonderful that in the last year even though i wasn't blogging, he kept me sane, so i didnt go yelling and running out on the streets like a mad woman. hehehehe... he heard me whine, bitch, moan, groan over and over and over again, and sometimes 10 times a day for HOURS... thanks babe!!

but anyways... i needed to vent ALOT.... so IM BACKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! although, who knows who reads this blog now.. perhaps vik, who kinda provided the last push for motivating me to return, but other than that, i think its me, my self and i. never the less, its a good outlet for me to let things out in a constructive manner and lol nicer for the boy's ears (hehehe). so here i am, like it or not.

Saturday, December 8, 2007


hey guys...
sorry, i dont think i'll be able to blog or read any blogs anymore. i tried, but with 50 hours at work each week +homework +projects + research to finish and due dates to meet and remotely try have a life is kinda hard to do...

so i bid adieu... cant really give a time frame of when i'll return or even if i'll return. anyways, its not like many people read this blog ... and you guys have been blogging without me for quite some time now...

either way.... bye!!


Thursday, November 29, 2007


so my new job started... now u'd think.. a JOB... money is involved, i must be getting paid so i shouldnt whine ALOT right?
sadly, its the other way around. i pay tuition at school == and from school im send out to these clinics to work for FREE. so in all technicality, i pay them to work. IM LOOSING MONEY in this ordeal, and im NOT HAPPY about this.

i work 9 hours on M/W/F and 10-11 hours on T/TH all FOR FREE. so not cool. oh man... all the people i get lift and move. yea everyone wants a massage and everyone wants to be stretched. my fingers are dying at the end of the day. i mean giving a deep tissue massage isnt easy on the finger joints... especially when u're doing 10-20 minutes per patient, for 10-15 patients a day... 5 days a week. YIKES.

ok ok im done bitching. besides the annoying part of not getting paid, and fingers and legs and shoulders hurting. its a pretty rewarding job and i can totally see my self working like this for the rest of my life. its awesome to be able to see someone come in with pain off the charts and not even able to raise their arm and when ure done, you see them lifting groceries, their kids/grand kids and what not.. its just nice to see that.

now that thats said and done.. AHHHHHHHHH I HATE IT WHEN PEOPLE KEEP TALKING AND TALKING AND TALKING AND TALKING. i mean im a talker and i like patients who tell me their stories, makes therapy fun. although, everytime i do something you keep pointing out how im not doing this right.. how I moved from the spot.. and the worse part of all is... she tells me HOW TO TO DO MY JOB. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

most times when a patient tells me oh you missed the spot or it really hurts here i appreciate it cause obviously the patient knows when and where it hurts, its THEIR body after all. but when you tell me that im doing everything wrong its quite annoying. i hate poeple like that... lol reading fake shit on the internet, telling my degree doesnt mean anything. ahhhhhh!!!
talking those patients and trying to convince them that NO, going on a water diet will not reduce ure pain or eating only wheat foods will not help increase motion in ure joint is impossible. and even worse, people who talk your ear off.. i mean tell you everything and anything ... tell you about what time they woke up, how they showered... what they wore and a minute by minute run down of their day... I HATE IT. im not a fucking psychiatrist.. so BACK OFF AND SHUT UP!!

anyways... thats my week. super busy and well ears bleeding from crazy patient talk.

Friday, November 23, 2007

alive and kicking....

hey guys, i know i took a longer than expected break away from blogging. i sure did miss it..
so here's what ive been up to in the past month or so.

1. SCHOOL: OMG.. first of all november 13th was the LAST DAY OF FINALS of my 21 year career in school. phew.. who knew that when i first entered kindergarten and hated it sooo much i'd keep it up for 21 freaking years. phewwwww done and done. i now just have 20 weeks of clinicals or rotations whatever you wanna call it and then completion of school in april and GRADUATION IN MAY!!!... so obviously i was super busy wrapping up school stuff and finishing the unnecessary although mandatory projects, presentations and stupid papers. but IM DONE.. IM DONE ... IM DONE.. IM DONE!!!
i'll post pictures of most of my P.T. class up here. we obviously went out to the bars straight after the final. haha... which i decided to protest and not study for until the morning of (bad pooja.. bad pooja). although for a 3 hour cram session at 4:30 in the am paid off and i got a A in one class and a B+ in the other.

2. FAMILY: hmmm so may be many of u knew.. and some may be not, but my dear sister came to chicago in the midst of my crazy school stuff. its been super fun having her around. i totally miss bugging her and harassing her. you know of all the things i missed from both of us living in different counteries is not the talking or the communication or closeness.. technology is far to advance for that now. I MISS THE BUGGING part, oh my, i love it when i harass her when she's trying to read or sitting peacefully. =) hehehe something about the evil sibling in me, cant leave her alone. alsooooooooooooo, i love cooking and baking with her. i always seem to gain weight when she's here. the best part is mostly spending time .. REAL time with her. love ya sis... hahaha dont worry, i promise i wont let u finish that book of ures. its my mission!!!

then my parents who had left for 3 weeks --- LEFT MY BROTHER AND I ALONE FOR 3 WEEKS... and had gone to india. omg.. it was kinda nice initially to not have them around. you know eat watever you want, sleep whenever, where ever.. if u dont clean up -- WHO CARES? hahaha sadly, it got old. gotta admit... missed the parental units. my dad cause i had to remember to make all my payments, the houses's payments and what not. lol otherwise, we wouldnt have phone, electricity and gas.. bad bad when u live in the windy city of chicago. my mom cause ughhhh I HATE DOING LAUNDRY and believe it or not, i totally missed the indian food. but now that they're back... im all like "leave again.... seriously.. go". hahaha....

3. MY EX: i know i know.. i just left it off as distant friends and all. in the past month that i have disappeared. we've talked... talked and tried to clear all my doubts and reservations about this whole situation. i told you guys, if i dont even try being friends, i would always wonder what if... i hate THAT WHAT IF. that what if, alone will make me Q other relationships. i wish he hadnt said anything, cause then there woulda been NO WHAT IF. but whatever. so all we've been doing is talking all via emails. no personal contact yet... so no worries. im moving nice and slow. i still hate him. i think most of the emails have been me blowing off steam and telling him how horrible he was, and his actions were. so we're not even at the point where i've had a civilized email to him. he on the other hand has been nothing but nice and patient and very tolerant of my harsh harsh words.

so thats kinda whats been up in my life... a quick catch up of my time away. lol i know NOTHING exciting. its hard to have an exciting life, when ure finishing up graduate school. dont wanna do anything crazy and fuck up the 7 years of hard work. hehe... well hopefully you guys enjoy'd this long ass post. i cant quite promise regular posts, cause like i mentioned earlier -> i have my 20 weeks of clinicals starting monday, and my first 10 weeks is in this place i'd like future employment in, so i have to BUST my behind and show them im worth it. but i will never be gone for a month again....

oh yea.. catching up on all ure blogs will take me a LONG TIME.. be patient. i'll try to get thru most, but cant promise if i'll read all the posts made in the last 30 days.